Heart Failure

STRONG-HF: Enhancing GDMT regimen in Asia

Heart Failure Care Beyond City Limits: Insights from a Cardiologist

Implementation of STRONG-HF protocol in heart failure management: an Australian perspective

Unleashing the Power of STRONG-HF: Enabling Transformation in Heart Failure Management Across China

Screening & Diagnosis of Heart Failure in Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Patients

Elevating CVD management in APAC to its Zenith- with Cardiac biomarkers 

Quantum leap in reducing rehospitalization in HF by 70-80% – How and where?

STRONG-HF: Rapid Uptitration of Guideline Directed Medical Therapy for Heart Failure

Heart failure management in Australia and the role of NT-proBNP in monitoring and treatment

Download APAC STRONG-HF Master Pack: First-hand Insights from Prof Mebazaa on Heart Failure Treatment Monitoring

Heart Failure Management in India – Overcoming Present Challenges

STRONG-HF study highlighting benefits of treatment optimisation

STRONG-HF: Post-discharge Heart Failure Management and Implementation of GDMT Heart Failure Therapy

NT-proBNP and ECHO in heart failure – do they always go hand in hand?

Clinical Application Value of NT-proBNP in Chronic Kidney Diseases Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases

T2DM Patient Support Program in Hong Kong and the Value of NT-proBNP

NT-proBNP: Increasing Clinical Confidence in Heart Failure Management

Heart Failure in Asia – Present Challenges and Future Strategies

Heart Failure Prevention in T2DM – Essence of JCS/JDS joint consensus

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