2022 ESC Guidelines on cardiovascular assessment and management of patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery

Please give us a short overview of the most important changes in these new 2022 guidelines. In our area of the biomarkers, there was really a big change because back in 2014 there was a recommendation to use biomarkers. That...

STRONG-HF: Post-discharge Heart Failure Management and Implementation of GDMT Heart Failure Therapy

NT-proBNP and ECHO in heart failure – do they always go hand in hand?

High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponins and ACS – the Malaysian Experience

Role of Diagnostics: NT-proBNP in management of Heart Failure

Taking Diabetes to Heart: Value of Cardiovascular Biomarkers for your Diabetic Patients

Tips for implementing ESC high sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) rapid algorithms for triage of AMI patients

Comparing the ESC high sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) rapid algorithms for triage of AMI patients

Clinical Cases: Differentiating acute from chronic cardiac conditions

Clinical Cases: Diagnostic relevance of elevated hs-cTnT

Clinical Cases from Korea: Serial NT-proBNP measurement and Heart Failure prognosis

Clinical Cases from Korea: NT-proBNP for Differential diagnosis of patients with dyspnoea

Clinical Cases from Korea: Value of NT-proBNP in Cardiomyopathy

Clinical Cases from Korea: High NT-proBNP levels useful in differential diagnosis of HF

Dr David Sim’s Clinical Cases: NT-proBNP in Heart Failure Patients

Clinical Cases: Elevations of hs-TnT in Non-cardiac Conditions

Clinical Cases: hs-TnT in Patients with End Stage Renal Failure

Clinical Cases: Serial Monitoring Differentiates Acute and Chronic hs-TnT Elevation

Dr Lee’s Clinical Cases: hs-TnT Chronic Elevation non-AMI cases

Dr Lee’s Clinical Cases: hs-TnT Early “Rule-In” for AMI

FAQ: NT-proBNP Interpretation in Multiple Scenarios

FAQ: NT-proBNP vs Cardiac Medications

FAQ: Role of NT-proBNP in Heart Failure Management

At the forefront of Acute Coronary Syndrome management in ED

Serial testing of hs cTn rules out low risk of AMI

Latest IFCC Recommendations for Natriuretic Peptides in Heart Failure – Analytics and Clinical Considerations

Natriuretic Peptide Measurement during ARNi Treatment

NT-proBNP in Hospital & Ambulatory Settings: Evidence to Clinical Practice

Early triage of patients with acute chest pain with hs-TnT 0h/1h Algorithm

Novel Biomarker-based Risk Score in AF: ABC Risk Score

Interpreting Elevated Troponin Results

hs-TnT Rapid Diagnosis of AMI- ESC 0h/3h Algorithm

hs-TnT Rapid Diagnosis of AMI- ESC 0h/1h Algorithm

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