Clinical Cases: Differentiating acute from chronic cardiac conditions

  Case   64-year old man Key signs and symptoms Slowly increasing dyspnoea for the past 3 weeks, most recently exertional dyspnoea with minimal effort, weight gain of 3 kg in 1 week Medical history Dilated cardiomyopathy diagnosed 3 years...

Clinical Cases: Diagnostic relevance of elevated hs-cTnT

Clinical Cases from Korea: Serial NT-proBNP measurement and Heart Failure prognosis

Clinical Cases from Korea: NT-proBNP for Differential diagnosis of patients with dyspnoea

Clinical Cases from Korea: Value of NT-proBNP in Cardiomyopathy

Clinical Cases from Korea: High NT-proBNP levels useful in differential diagnosis of HF

Dr David Sim’s Clinical Cases: NT-proBNP in Heart Failure Patients

Clinical Cases: Elevations of hs-TnT in Non-cardiac Conditions

Clinical Cases: hs-TnT in Patients with End Stage Renal Failure

Clinical Cases: Serial Monitoring Differentiates Acute and Chronic hs-TnT Elevation

Dr Lee’s Clinical Cases: hs-TnT Chronic Elevation non-AMI cases

Dr Lee’s Clinical Cases: hs-TnT Early “Rule-In” for AMI

Serial testing of hs cTn rules out low risk of AMI

Early triage of patients with acute chest pain with hs-TnT 0h/1h Algorithm

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