ESC Recommendation: High sensitivity troponin assay vs conventional assay

High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin (hs-cTn) Assays ESC 2020 Updates ECS 2020 Recommendations for hs-cTn In patients with suspected NSTE-ACS, the measurement of hs-cTn as a marker of cardiomyocyte injury is mandatory.1 Advantages of hs-cTn Assays Over Conventional Assays Compared to conventional...

ESC Recommendation: Rapid algorithms using hs troponin in ED

How to Implement ESC Rapid Algorithm Successfully?

The Changes in Rapid Algorithms for Acute Coronary Syndrome

Factors affecting high-sensitivity cardiac troponin levels

DAPA-HF and EMPEROR-Reduced Study Highlights

The role of biomarkers in HF

Digital health in HF management

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