Dr James L Januzzi
Cardiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital. Prof of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

How NT-proBNP Made a Difference: Dr Januzzi’s Patient Story


  • NT-proBNP helps to rapidly identify Heart Failure from other disease conditions e.g severe lung disease when the symptoms are unspecific

So, we have numerous examples at the mass General Heart Center where NT-proBNP measurement has made a difference for our patients. An example would be a patient that I recently met who had previously been diagnosed with what was thought to be severe emphysema from smoking. The patient was taking oxygen at home and was told that he had six months to live because of his lung disease.

It turns out he actually had severe heart failure on the basis of mitral valve disease that had been missed by his physician. And a measurement of NT-proBNP rapidly identified that his shortness of breath was actually due to congestive heart failure rather than severe lung disease. So, we fixed his valve. We treated his heart failure. The man is now off of oxygen and living a basically normal life.

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1 July 2021
Dr James L Januzzi